And it's back...ArabNet 2015

Yes it's that time of the year where tech enthusiasts, business professionals and various professional and financial bodies get to rub elbows with all the real and wannabe entrepreneurs.
Of course not everybody there really know why they are attending, it remains however essential for any professional in digital and innovation to be present.
The various insights into new industry trends on the local and regional scenes have always proven their value.
It also a very good opportunity to extend one's network reach. Just make sure you are not behaving like a used car salesman handing out business cards. Careful selecting whom to connect to and how you can synergize with them is a cornerstone of building solid business relationships.

As a blogger evolving in this ecosystem, I was invited once more this year. I will be warping my business schedule to make it there. Give me a shout if you want to connect during the event.

PS: Below is the event's official press release:

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