Lebanese Comedy Act 3as3usTakes On Sensodyne Arabia Saves Youtube

Not long ago, I went on a rant on Twitter about the annoying Sensodyne Arabia Youtube videos which had been hammering us for a while. A month later, others joined in expressing their frustration and this led to my previous blog post Thoughts On Sensodyne Arabia's YouTube Ad

Today, YouTube was saved by Lebanese comedy act 3as3us . The two man comedy act of Anthony Hamawi and Shant Kabakian vented out everybody's frustration in a parody clip, where the actors took on the two effigies of the annoying Sensodyne (parodied as "SenseYourSpine") spokespersons with extreme prejudice.

Thank you to Michelle Hamaoui who pointed out the video to me and

Long live 3as3us for coming to the rescue of all of the region's YouTube users!

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