Photo Showcase on Hayda Loubnan by LBCi

A few month back I was approached by the producers of a segment entitled Hayda Loubnan on LBCi. The segment showcases photos mostly by amateurs taken all over the country, highlighting unique angles or takes on every day Lebanon and its nature.

I am as amateur as it gets, and I have recently become more and more dependent on mobile photography, simply because the hardware on smartphones had improved by giant leaps, and, quite frankly, because carrying around a DSLR Camera is plain cumbersome. I take my photos mostly on mountain hikes and I just prefer to enjoy nature rather than worry about an expensive camera around my neck for 7 or 8 hours.

My surprise in receiving that call was quickly dissipated when I found out that had discovered my photos on www.EyeEm.com a photo sharing Instagram competitor which I strongly prefer.
Several months into this and many photos later, I received a confirmation that my segment would air on October 24th 2014 and so it did.

I would like to thank the producers and LBCi for the opportunity of getting effortlessly featured on TV simply by doing two things I really enjoy: Hiking & Photography
A special thanks to the @LBCI_FansSs twitter account for sharing the YouTube version of the segment.

The photos and hikes would not have been possible if it weren't for the wonderful people at Born2Hike