Snatch'd To A Movie Club

I rarely write about social events and events. I think there are plenty of well accomplished bloggers out there who can cover these events and give them a more decent exposure.
I am making an exception this time, because the event is something I care about. Fellow blogger, tweep, and good friend, Anis Tabet from "let's tlk abt movies" invited me today to the launch of his new Movie Club in a double event that introduced us to a new app concept entitled Snatch'd.

The Snatch'd promised to be a hub of offerings and discounts but extends beyond that to offer you ideas and suggestions on things to do beyond that Mall you haunt or the usual venues where you have become part of the furniture. The presentation was interesting and included a nicely executed video which I unfortunately cannot find online *cough*Mounir*cough*

Although I am big movie buff, I found myself, over the past years, drifting away from such events, mostly because of the over-philosophical type of hipster-ish audience that can be found there hanging by their checkered all-season scarves (think Empire Sofil), and the choice of movies frequently selected in an attempt to sound filmographically grandiloquent.
However, I have high hopes for this particular movie club, mostly because I know Anis' temperament and penchant for smart and interesting movies along with his usual no-bullshit attitude.

If you have not already jumped off this page to go follow Anis on Twitter then you can see below a couple of snapshots from the event.

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