eTobb Goes Android

eTobb is an online platform connecting doctors and patients....etc...etc...etc...Now that we decided to move past the usual intros, prefabricated statements and huge paragraphs that no one wants to read, I can hand it to you in a nutshell.

You ask medical questions anonymously,
Real specialized doctors answer you with relevant and precise information. 

It's as simple as that and it has been taking Lebanon and neighboring countries by storm since their inception. The idea may, admittedly, not be entirely unique or original (think WebMD) but the implementation is. The capacity of these fine (very) young professionals to conceive, execute and push through with their idea has merited awards and recognition from numerous professionals in this field.

I am not entirely impartial. There I said it!
I knew about the idea from the start, I also knew one of the founders. I am also notorious for not chewing my words and they have heard all the criticism I might have had throughout their growth.

Today eTobb have pushed themselves beyond a major milestone: They have gone mobile. They have also done it on Android first. I don't want to ignite the next big stand-off between fandroids and ifanboys so I will leave it at that for now.

The app itself has been pretty smooth to launch without any lag whatsoever. The Android-specific sliding drawer works like a charm but from the left side (see what I did there Windows 8?). It allows access to the various sections and "filters" that allow a rich browsing experience. A solid search feature is implemented along with push notifications and most importantly the oh-so-important Android Share menu.

I have seen, way too often, apps being ported onto Android without attention to the native UX of that ecosystem, consequently missing out on several features or looking altogether like an iOS app exiled onto enemy territory. This was not the case with eTobb mobile app. I went about tinkering around with it, trying to break it but had no such luck.
So instead I am going to rant about how much I hate the blue color from the letter e in the logo when used on a screen that has many questions, or also on the notifications screen. I understand why they stuck with their corporate identity colors but that blue is making my eyes bleed every time I look at it. Who knows maybe it's intentionally done to make me use the app and ask an ophthalmologist about it.

Aouch m'eyes m'eyes!

On a final serious note, I am really happy to see this company mature and grow the way they have done so far, let's hope they keep their heads on straight and keep pushing onward as many clones will start popping up around; it's only a matter of time.

Download eTobb on your Android now from Google Play and for those of you who don't have an Android, what are you waiting for? Go out and get one...this app alone is worth it!

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