The Eternal Return...A Tale Of Social Classes

When I set out to write this post, I tried to remember how I came to conceive this flowchart of social human interaction and I realized it I was perhaps in my late teens when this hit me for the first time.
The people in my inner circles have probably already heard me layout this theory with more details than what you can see below. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, I think there is the element of story telling that will remain missing here, but I am not going to become a video blogger for the sake of this one post.

I was never (and never will be) a professional in sociology, psychology or any of the human sciences. I am just an avid observer of Human Nature. I find that one can usually find more valuable insights by observing people rather than by engaging them. But that's just me perhaps...

The following diagram is a very rough representation of what my observations have revealed as to the futility of human pursuit of wealth and transition to upper social classes. Do not get me wrong, I am no Dalai Lama and I will certainly go for the proverbial kill if opportunity presented itself for me to transition to the more "decadent upper classes".

The post is not condemning people for being rich or poor. It's also not promoting one way of life over another. This is a statement of facts as seen from my narrow angle into the human society and the multitude of souls trying to make it out there. There are irregularities in the model and I have highlighted some of them (dashed lines). Other exceptions are simply in my opinion what confirms the rules of my observations (in the society I have observed at least)
Occasionally, we will see someone break out of a lower class due to a conjunction of talent (genetic predisposition) exceptional drive and opportune circumstances (randomness) in any random order. The rare possibility of similar factors to align once more is what keeps the door shut for the majority left behind.
The downward spiral is much more common yet so less interesting to document: alcohol, debauchery, overconfidence... you name it!
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Does life subscribe to what Nietzsche and Schopenhauer discussed in terms of Eternal Recurrence?
Is it all a comedy farce like Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day" character or a tragedy like Jean Cocteau's 1943 movie adaptation "L'Eternel Retour"?
Personally, I think this is all one big prank that life plays on us all: The Mother of All Trolls!

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