So...Yalla: Happy Birthday Wissam Kamal

Sometimes moments of clarity dawn upon us out of the blue. Yesterday (November 9th 2017) was exactly one of those as Facebook showed me it was Wissam Kamal's Birthday.

For those of you who are not familiar with Wissam's body of work, you can check out his hilarious sketches on his YouTube channel here.
"His Lebanese Father & Son" quips along side his other shows, among which "Lebanese Ads: F**k Logic have earned a local recognition and eventually a hosting gig at Comedy Central Arabia: Ridiculousness. 
Wissam is also known for his intro line at the beginning of his video where he would go "So Yalla"
(Yalla being the arabic word for let's go).  

So yesterday I reached out to many of his friends who all happen to be equally amazing content creators (Anthony Hamawi, Shant Kabakian, Jad Bou Karam, Anis Tabet, George Tarabay, Zaher Hallab, George Khalaf, Elie M. Iskandar) and to Serj Panossian (???).

The final result? ...This:

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